About Balmain

Balmain is Australia's leading non-bank commercial property debt organisation. Since its foundation in 1979, Balmain has originated over $35 billion in commercial property loans. Today it has 8 offices in Australia and New Zealand, around 120 staff and is one of the leaders in the non-bank property lending sector.

Balmain has concentrated on the commercial property debt sector for nearly 40 years – it is well established in major markets and undertakes fund, asset and receivables management for some of the world's largest banks and financial institutions.

Balmain's borrower client base consists of SMEs, High Net Worth Borrowers (HNW) and large Corporations, many of whom have had relationships with Balmain for many years.

Balmain is committed to the sector and over the years has continued to invest in developing its capabilities, with respect to both the systems that support the business and the people that deliver these to our clients.

Outside of the 4 major banks, there is no other single organisation in Australia that contains the 5 essential skill sets required to manage commercial loan investments.

  • Proven origination sourced from an educated, informed and aligned origination network;
  • Credit acceptance and management skills that have been long established, are proven and capable of assessing all forms of commercial property loans;
  • A funds management capability that covers both Institutional and private investors;
  • Highly rated loan servicing; and
  • Asset management and recovery skills that devise and implement recovery strategies from single loans to portfolios with values of several billion dollars.

Commercial Loan Origination

Balmain's annual origination is circa $2b and Balmain services circa $5b of current commercial loans on behalf of 3300 SMEs and HNW borrower clients.

Funds and Asset Management

Over $5b in assets managed on behalf of private investors, SMSFs and some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Loan Servicing

Our sister company, AMAL Asset Management, manages over $6b in loan receivables for close to 40 Institutional clients, including many Australian banks, Fund Managers and large global banks and investment organisations. It is ranked as 'Strong' by S&P.

The business is supported by a credit acceptance team that has a long track record in approving and managing commercial property loans and loan portfolios.