My Portfolio

My Portfolio is your Investor Control Console dashboard. It provides an overview of the current state of your portfolio and easy access to detailed up-to-date information on all your investments.

Account Snapshot

The Account Snapshot appears on every page in the Investor Control Console, enabling you to quickly see the current status of your portfolio. It also provides direct access to begin managing your Cash Units.


Account Snapshot

Unit Summaries

Unit Summaries provide a quick overview of your Cash Units and Loan Units. Details include total investment, number of investments and current Target Rates of return.


Unit Summaries


Portfolio Information

My Loan Units

The My Loan Units page is where you access all of your Loan Unit investments. You can review current balances and the status of all your investments and access an overview of your total portfolio performance including how many Loan Unit investments you hold, total balance and total returns.


My Investments

My Cash Units

View and manage your Cash Units from the My Cash Units page. Access all transactions, view current interest rates, returns and make redemptions and deposits.


Cash Management

Transaction Statements

All your recent transactions are displayed on the transactions page, including: Investments, Redemptions, Deposits and Distributions from Cash Units and Loan Units.


recent transactions