Target Market Determination

In order to download a copy of the current BDMIT TMD, please click here, or if you wish to receive a hardcopy of Balmain’s TMD please contact the Sales Team on 02 9232 8888, and they will send you a hardcopy via Australia Post.

What is a Target Market Determination (“TMD”)?

A Target Market Determination is a document that all issuers of a financial product that is made available via retail product distribution conduct that must be made easily accessible to. The TMD basically describes who the issuer thinks the product is appropriate for and how the product can or will be distributed to potential investors.

The TMD also lists events or situations whereby Balmain as the issuer may need to review the current TMD for BDMIT. The outcome of such a review could result in Balmain as the Responsible Entity of BDMIT terminating the distribution of the product until such time as Balmain believes that all trigger events have been addressed and mitigated.

Why does Balmain need to make a TMD available?

The Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019 requires the issuer, Balmain, to make freely available a TMD. Failure to do so could lead to ASIC deciding that the absence of a TMD could result in significant detriment to potential investors and thereby ASIC could use its product intervention powers and stop Balmain from accepting any new investments in BDMIT.

What is “Retail Product Distribution”?

Retail Product Distribution is defined as:

  1. dealing in the product in relation to a retail client;
  2. giving a disclosure document in relation to an offer of the product to a retail client;
  3. giving a Product Disclosure Statement for the product to a retail client; or
  4. providing financial product advice in relation to the product to a retail client.

Important information for Advisors that engage in Retail Product Distribution conduct in regards to Balmain Private.

Any financial planner, planning group, or financial advisor who engages in Retail Product Distribution must report certain information in the TMD within a specified timeframe to the Product Issuer, being Balmain. If you need to report information to Balmain as outlined in our TMD, please contact the Balmain Sales Team or the Compliance Manager to discuss this information with Balmain. Alternatively you can email this information to [email protected].