Selecting Investment Opportunities

Once invested in Cash Units, Investors are provided exclusive access to a variety of new investment opportunities. Detailed information is provided via a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) to allow informed investment decisions.

Current Opportunities

All current investment opportunities are displayed on the opportunities page. A brief summary is available for each Loan Unit, allowing you to select a shortlist of investments based on return, term, asset class and location. From this page you can also access more detailed information for each Loan Unit investment.


Current Opportunities

Investment Details

Once invested in Cash Units, Investors have exclusive access to detailed information for each Loan Unit investment.

Key Investment Terms and Photos

Here you can see key investment terms: target return, term to run, and minimum investment at a glance. For each investment you can also access photos and location information for each of the underlying security properties.


Investment Details

Loan Information

Loan information includes the key terms of the loan, Loan Amount, Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) and Rate of Return which provide insight into the level of risk for each investment.

Investors also have access to information on the type of asset, the borrowers experience, and an outline of some of the key risks.


Loan Details