Investment Manager

The Investment Manager is Balmain Funds Management Pty Ltd (Balmain Funds), an authorised representative of Balmain Fund Administration Limited (BFAL). Balmain Funds' role is to manage the funds in accordance with the Funds constitution and the PDS and Supplementary PDS.

Michael  Holm

Michael Holm

Michael is the founder, major shareholder, and Executive Chairman of Balmain NB Corporation Limited. Michael established Balmain in 1979 after working for the Australian Guarantee Corporation for 2 years. Michael is one of the most highly experienced commercial lending executives in Australia, having been personally involved in raising over $5 billion in commercial loans. He is the Chairman of Balmain Fund Administration Limited, and a Director of the following; AMAL Asset Management Limited; Balmain Aqua Pty Limited; and Balmain Trilogy Investment Management Pty Limited. Michael is also a member of Balmain Fund’s Credit & Investment Committees. Michael is RG146 compliant and a responsible manager under Balmain’s AFSL licence.

Andrew  Griffin

Andrew Griffin

Andrew commenced his career at Trafalgar Properties Limited in 1987. Andrew was Managing Director of this public company and was responsible for numerous large property developments and associated funding. On leaving Trafalgar in 1997 Andrew continued to work with Robert Whyte, John Singleton and Kerry Packer on numerous property developments as well as the acquisition, funding and management of various operating businesses. Andrew joined Balmain in 2005 and is currently Group Chief Executive. Under Andrew's guidance Balmain has expanded its core capacities from commercial debt origination to a financial services and funds management business with experience and capacity through all levels of secured private debt management. Andrew is RG146 compliant and a responsible manager under Balmain’s AFSL licence.