Credit and Investment Committee

The Credit and Investment Committee’s roles include:

  • establish and manage delegated lending authorities (DA)
  • approve all loans that fall outside of the delegated lending authorities
  • monitor and report to the Responsible Entity on all credit positions
  • manage any default loans
  • approve all recovery strategies

It is also responsible for considering the state of the investment, credit and property markets, the economy in general and consider recommendations to change portfolio risk management limits that may be made by the Investment Manager from time to time.

The Credit and Investment Committee also considers the Lending Policy and Procedures Manual annually and will recommend changes to the Investment Manager and the board from time to time.

William  Davis

William Davis

Bill commenced his career with National Australia Bank and has over 40 years’ banking, finance and hands on commercial real estate lending experience. Bill has held senior roles at Citibank and the ING group where he was responsible for commercial real estate credit and loan recovery. In 1994 Bill was overseeing commercial loan portfolios of some $815 million represented by circa 1,700 individual borrowers and had a team of 20 people in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Subsequently Bill also achieved an S&P above average servicer ranking for a private lender. Bill joined Balmain in 2004 as Head of Credit (and Credit Committee member) and currently manages portfolios with an aggregate value exceeding $3 billion.

Michael  Holm

Michael Holm

Michael is the founder, major shareholder, and Executive Chairman of Balmain NB Corporation Limited. Michael established Balmain in 1979 after working for the Australian Guarantee Corporation for 2 years. Michael is one of the most highly experienced commercial lending executives in Australia, having been personally involved in raising over $5 billion in commercial loans. He is the Chairman of Balmain Fund Administration Limited, and a Director of the following; AMAL Asset Management Limited; Balmain Aqua Pty Limited; and Balmain Trilogy Investment Management Pty Limited. Michael is also a member of Balmain Fund’s Credit & Investment Committees. Michael is RG146 compliant and a responsible manager under Balmain’s AFSL licence.

Robert  Taylor

Robert Taylor

Rob commenced his career in the financial services industry in 1981 and has worked in a variety of lending and credit and asset management roles with State Bank Victoria, Challenge Bank and Capital Finance Australia. Rob then joined Balmain in 1997 to assist in establishing Balmain’s Melbourne office in commercial origination and lending. By 2004, Balmain’s Melbourne Office had originated $2.5b in commercial loans. Since 2012, Rob has focused on the credit and asset management components of Balmain’s business. He is a Director and shareholder of Balmain NB Corporation Ltd, RG146-compliant, is an accredited broker and holds a Bachelor of Business (Economics/Marketing) and a Diploma of Financial Services.