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Risk Assessment Checklist

Investing In Commercial Mortgages - Risk Assessment Checklist

Generally speaking, most investors consider when considering commercial mortgage investment that a lower LVR and a higher interest rate drive the best investment outcome, however such an approach ignores other compelling factors that can help determine investment success and that should be considered when assessing risk and reward.



Unsure About Investing In Mortgages? You Probably Are Invested Already But Just Don't Know It.

Commercial real estate backed mortgages have been around for years, indeed the big 4 Australian banks dominate the sector holding perhaps as much as $500bn in these assets. Most Australians that have a bank account are already invested in them, they just don’t know it, as they form part of the assets of the bank that support term deposits and other bank investment products.

Frank the Butcher

Risk, LVR, And A Butcher Named Frank

Common thinking might suggest that the lower the LVR on a loan the lower the risk. However does a low LVR loan offer the best likelihood of reliable interest payments and the return of capital?

Apples and Oranges

Residential Lending Vs Commercial Property Lending - Quite Different Risks And Rewards

It may not be obvious to many, but lending over commercial property is very different than residential property. But how different and what are some of the things that lenders consider, and how does/should this affect your investment decisions?

Stormy Weather

What Is A Loan Default And How Is Risk Limited?

What is a default? How and why do they occur? What do they mean to investors? What steps are commonly made to prevent and recover from them?

Information Overload

Way Too Much Information - Is Making Investing Harder!

It has been said that Sunday’s New York Times contains more information than a medieval peasant would have encountered throughout his entire life. How does this bombardment of information effect your investment decisions?

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